Welcome to SkyScapeLive

Who are we?

My name is Steven, i am the co-owner of SkyScapeLive, I do majority of the server and website editing. I started skyscapelive around 2008 but been working with servers and making servers since 2006. I am by no means the best coder around but I love to have fun and make sure my community is having alot of fun. We are a community here to have fun and hangout and complete to be the best in-game.

What type of server is this?

This is a economy challenging server running OSRS cache. You will earn your way to the top and kill all types of bosses to obtain all your rare items.

What is the EXP rate like?

The current exp rate is x300 rs combat. Skills exp vary for the time being. The plan is to have everything balanced and set with future updates.

How are Moderators and Administrators picked?

I feel anyone and everyone is eligible to one day become a member of the SSL team. You must show willingness to help the community as well as activity in game. (Just be apart of the community and have fun with the game). If we feel you are a respectable and responsible player we will promote you as necessary.

Why should I play?

That is a very fair and responsible question. This game is still in the early stages and I feel you can come to grow and love this community as you get to play the game and know the people involved. I hope you are willing to give is a try.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and I hope to see you in game!!

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