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New Server, New oppotunities, New Team

Hello guys, my name is Steven, i am the owner of skyscapelive. I current am responsible for everything, coding of the server, client, and website. I would like to start a new server but want to recruit a team together that is wanting to help in many different roles. These roles are currently unpaid based on how the server goes, we can do splits of all donations based on the role you are helping out with. These are current the positions I am looking to fill we can talk more about what I really am looking for,

  • Coders/Client/Server
  • Website Administrators
  • Moderators In/Out of Game

What I want to accomplish
An Econ based server completely unique from other servers, I would like to just customize our game, (not in custom items/npcs). more over how the game is played, home areas, training areas, etc. This server would have a pretty challanging economy with and medium/easy difficulty exp rate. I have a pretty good idea of how i want it to end up.

Please do not inquire if you are not interested in making a server like this.

Please reach out to me via discord buy clicking the button below if you would like to inquire to join.



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